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 Rated battleground strategies.

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PostSubject: Rated battleground strategies.   Sat Dec 04, 2010 1:50 am

Post the name of the battleground your strategy is for, and proceed to post strategy.

Warsong Gulch strategy

Two or three people rush alliance flag, 2 healers and one deeps, preferably hunter or warlock for peels. The rest of the team stays in mid between berzerking hut and big rock thing defending our flag and helping protect FC when he gets near us. Priority is FLAG not kills.

Offense= 2 healers, 5 deeps

Flag Carriers= 2 healers, 1 deeps.

I used this strat a lot while running premades with unresolved conflict so i know for a fact it works, its just a matter of having a team that wants to play for objective and not for kills.
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Rated battleground strategies.
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